YouTube Exclusions – 8,000+ Kids Channel List

New to advertising on YouTube or wondering why your YouTube ads aren’t performing?

Maybe you’ve just decided to jump into the present day and advertise your business on YouTube. Or maybe you have already launched several YouTube ads and you can’t figure out why your ads aren’t driving the traffic you expected to your (or your client’s) site. What you don’t know can hurt you, not only in wasted time and lost results but in wasted dollars.

If you’re new to this, you probably have no idea what I’m going to say, but if you’ve gotten your toes wet in the YouTube advertising pool and have checked the placement of your video campaigns or ad groups in YouTube, you were likely surprised to see that your ads were being placed on kids channels or content related to children.

Why? Your target adult audience is giving their iPad or phone to their kids, which skews your view rates, view-through conversions and other performance stats which ultimately lands you and your client’s ad in front of the wrong eyes. That’s not a fun conversation when you have to go back to your client and tell them that their ads landed in front of people who can’t buy their products or service for the next 15 years and that’s why their ads didn’t generate traffic to their site. So as a marketer, what can you do to prevent your ads from being displayed on kid’s channels?

One word: Exclusions

Yup, in a world where being inclusive is on-trend, exclusion is key for advertising on YouTube. This will give you the best chance at limiting ads from showing up on kids’ channels and a better chance of reaching your target audience or users and driving traffic to the intended business. We’ve spent hours and hours coming up with the most extensive list of kids’ YouTube channels on the web that you can use to exclude from your YouTube campaigns. And best of all, it’s FREE! Access 8,000+ children related YouTube channels below:

Note, new channels pop up every day so it’s still important that you methodically view your placement reports for any new additions to add.

Need help adding this list to your YouTube campaigns?

STEP ONE: Login to your desired Google Ads account that you’d like to apply the exclusion list and access the Placement Exclusion List (Tools & Settings > Placement Exclusion List)

STEP TWO: Once on the Placement Exclusion list page, create a new via the “Upload a list” method and upload the Red Rock Digital Solutions YouTube content .csv file

STEP THREE: Once the file has been uploaded, simply apply the exclusion list to desired campaigns.

After adding your exclusions, you’ll see your impressions drop or remain flat as new and more qualified placements are now serving your ads. Bring it on increased conversions!

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