Results Driven Marketing Consulting

Our expertise across a diverse range of industries will provide your organization with tangible results.

Why Red Rock Digital Solutions?

We offer on-demand specialized marketing solutions and expertise for a diverse range of industries and verticals. Expand and enhance the capabilities of your in-house marketing team for long-term, temporary or intermittent campaign engagements.

Our Capabilities

Let our team of specialized marketing executives and specialists assist your business reach new heights.

Launching a new product or service?

Let us develop a Go-To-Market Strategy based off of extensive marketing research + insights, rich customer data and your business goals.


We’ll build the foundational structure of your go-to-market strategy with customer research using 1st and industry leading 3rd party tools. We utilize a data-driven approach to help your business understand your customers motives, pain-points, decision marketing criteria and other critical behaviors.


We utilize a data-first approach when building go-to-market strategies to ensure that we take into account every downstream business impact. The overall structure of our strategy guidance is to ensure your business revenue grows.

Marketing Tech Stack & Automation

Without the proper tools it’s going to be difficult for your organization to reach its full potential. We can assist with designing, integrating, implementing and automating a robust stack of marketing tools to meet your overall business goals.


Success for us isn’t just implementing and launching a new marketing technology stack for your organization. We pride ourselves in providing world class education on how to properly use and maintain these new tools.

Additional Bandwidth

Is your in-house marketing team falling behind on their workload? Our team can assist with nearly all aspects of strategy, implementation, optimization and data analysis.


Whether its launching new paid media campaigns, analyzing user behavior of your new website design to see where we can increase conversions, or helping your team structure SQL tables to better access their marketing data – we can do it all!