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Demand Side Platform

Properly leverage programmatic ad purchases to drive business growth!

Have you recently purchased a seat on the Brightroll DSP or invested into the Google Marketing Platform but don’t know where to begin? Are you on a self-service tier and didn’t gain much knowledge from the onboarding process? We are well-versed in many of the larger demand side platforms and can assist your in-house teams with execution and strategic analysis; ideal impression frequency to conversion (video & display), placement quality analysis, etc.

Your business made the hefty-investment in leveraging a demand side platform to expand your advertising reach across a vast selection of publishers. Our DSP experts can assist you utilize your expensive marketing tech stack to its full potential.

For larger brands, it is extremely important to fully understand who your core customer demographic is, their online behavioral patterns and similar audiences who have the same characteristics as your core customer. Maybe your brand is trying to dive deeper into your customer demographic, as not all customers index the same on a profitability scale. Maybe your brand is seeking to expand its advertising reach via similar audiences?

A demand side platform such as Krux or Lotame can provide powerful insights into who your customers are. Many brands overlook the power of their 1st party data when it comes to expanding their advertising reach. Our DSP experts can assist your team with properly setting up a data layer on your website to capture user behavior, 1st party insights and which 2nd or 3rd party audiences can be leverage to expand your marketing reach!


Data Management Platform

Leverage your 1st, 2nd & 3rd party audiences to expand advertising efforts.

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