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What Our Clients Say

“We were slated to do $15m, we did just under $60m. With 40% of our sales having a digital touch point from Red Rocks efforts.”

“80% of first time clients come from Red Rocks paid search efforts…its been huge for us and extremely successful.”

“Just in the three years we’ve been with Red Rock … we’ve generated 42% more leads at 15% lower acquisition costs.”

“Since working with Red Rock, the clients that we’ve retained from the digital marketing ad spend have doubled.”

Our Proven Google Ads & PPC Process

Data Driven Research

Utilizing internally built proprietary tools, we’ll build a Google Ads / PPC strategy that is backed by real marketing data and insights.

Custom Tailored Strategy

Every business is unique and has different needs and goals. Which is why your PPC account will be custom built to meet the goals of your business!

Conversion Focused

Front-end metrics are cool but we are hyper-focused on generating your business leads, whether that is phone calls, form submissions or online purchases.

Analytical Optimizations

Data and analytics drive everything, rest assured that we’re constantly A/B testing ad copy, landing pages and thinking of new ways to dominate your competitors!

Transparent Reporting

Our real time reporting dashboard will provide you with every metric possible to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Get Your Free PPC Audit Now

Is your PPC account providing the maximum ROI possible?

Get a free no obligations PPC audit from us, if your account is fully optimized we’ll let you know! If it isn’t, we’ll provide you with some feedback and recommendations on how to improve performance.. for FREE!

Our Level Of Care Gets You The ROI You Deserve

We work as an addition to your business, your outsourced PPC team!

Phone Call Tracking

Our robust phone call tracking platform will provide deep insights into how phone calls are generated, from the campaign to the individual keyword, you can see how PPC is driving real business leads!

Custom Landing Pages

We’ll design high quality landing pages that are built to convert traffic. We don’t stop there, we continue to test and measure to ensure that your PPC landing pages are continually performing. Remember, PPC is two parts; generating high quality traffic and converting them.

Conversion Setup

Lead attribution is everything when it comes to properly measuring the success of your campaigns. Sit back and relax, we’ll set up all of your conversion goals for form fills and other items that you find important!

Dedicated Strategists

Have questions with your PPC campaign? Or do you just need someone to talk to after a bad day? You’ll have a direct line of communication with the PPC strategist in-charge of your account!

Ongoing PPC Optimization & Management

The very foundation of any successful PPC campaign is the initial keyword research and implementation – this is a very crucial step, because not all keywords are created equal and not all keywords drive the same quality of conversions or drive any at all! 

Finding the right keywords requires the usage of many tools and understanding how your customers searches based on behavioral patterns and predicting which terms they may actually type in the search box. Keyword research is an ongoing process of acquiring new keywords, refining current keywords and optimizing PPC keywords to ensure that they are consistently providing conversions. 

Not all websites on the Google Display Network are created equal. We’ll work to ensure that your display ads showcase on websites that actually drive direct attributable conversions or view-through conversions. We’ll block websites that do not adhere to your brand safety guidelines to ensure brand integrity with possible customers.

Keywords that have proven over time to provide an exceptional return on investment will receive bid allocations that reflect that. Bid adjustments will be data driven to ensure that we’re spending your marketing dollars in the most efficient way possible.

Many agencies just blanket retarget users who land on a website – This is the WRONG approach! We take a much more analytical and behavioral approach when building out customized retargeting strategies for your business. We look at factors such as did a user bounce? What was their time on site? What are the pages they are looking at? What did their page flow on their session look like? Once web behavior is fully understand, we can craft a retargeting strategy that is sure to drive users back to your website to convert!

The competition isn’t sleeping with their marketing strategy and neither should you! We’ll proactively keep an eye on your competition, the keywords their buying, the placements their showing up on, etc.. to ensure that your business is always many steps ahead.

We’re proactively farming for search terms and keywords unrelated to your business or services. Our goal is to not only make you money but to also ensure that you’re NOT wasting money from irrelevant search queries.

Just like search terms or keywords that are unrelated to your business – we’ll block poor performing website placements and placements that do NOT adhere to your brand safety guidelines.

Another area that is often overlooked is messaging and ad copy. Writing ads is not a one time thing, messaging needs to be constantly updated and tested to ensure that your marketing message correlates with your target demographic or consumer.

We take a very data driven approach when split testing messaging that your potential customers may see, we’ll look at the overall impression to lead count, click-through-rate and lead quality.

Building landing pages that actually convert users is crucial to the success of your paid search campaign. If you spent all that money acquiring those users to click on your ad, the landing page that these users see need to drive them down the funnel, otherwise you just wasted all that money!

To ensure that you’re receiving the most value from not only your PPC budget but from our PPC services, we will be building and A/B testing landing pages to ensure that you’re receiving the highest conversion rate possible!

To ensure that your brand or business has the maximum exposure possible, we can utilize all of the paid search channels out there to ensure that your business is VISIBLE to potential customers or clients.

Are you a brick and mortar location that values users that are closers to your store front? We can ensure that your ads have more exposure to users who are within 5 miles of your store vs. 30 miles away!

Are you an eCommerce business and have a higher percentage of sales within a specific zip code for certain products? We’ll optimize to showcase those product ads in certain zip codes at a higher rate of exposure!

Unlike the majority of agencies out there, we like to push the fold with PPC performance. Which is why STAGs or Single Theme Ad Groups are always a part of every account we manage. We only isolate keyword groupings that have historical conversion data for us to work off of, we do NOT create STAGs for the sake of doing it.

What are the benefits of SKAG? By isolating your highest performing keywords into their own ad groups, it’ll allow for more personalized ad copy messaging, which in return should increase CTR, which then should increase your quality score, which will lower your cost per conversion. STAGs should be adopted (to a certain extent) in ALL PPC accounts!

Who are the people searching for your brand or viewing your display ads? Using top industry tools from Google and other 3rd parties, we can research and analyze who your digital consumers are and leverage our findings to place your brand in front an audience who has similar behavioral patterns. Don’t wait for people to find you, place your brand or business in front of qualified traffic!

Once we’ve figured out the audiences and demographics that convert well, we’ll proactively optimize to ensure that this qualified traffic has higher priority when both search and display ads are served.

We’ll proactively align your PPC campaign schedules to align with your business hours to ensure that you can answer generated phone calls and lead forms. We’ll also capitalize on hours of the day and day of the week that bring in the most traffic and conversions.

Whether you have 5 SKUs or 50,000 SKUs, we’re well versed in managing and optimizing shopping campaign feeds to ensure that your product ads have the highest level of visibility possible. We can also assist with troubleshooting issues when it comes to creating feeds, registration issues, data issues and uploading issues.

PPC Platforms We Work With


How much does PPC management cost?

This is dependant on a number of things such as business industry and goals. We are transparent and fair with our pricing.

Do I own and have access to the Google Ads account?

You 100% own the account, feel free to log in anytime to check progress.

Are Red Rock’s landing page designs required and are there additional cost?

Our landing page builds, designs and A/B testing are FREE of charge. To ensure that you get maximum value out of our PPC campaigns, we optimize the entire funnel from how people find your ads to how they convert.

Does call tracking cost extra?

There are NO additional fees for call tracking. Call tracking allows us to properly measure the success and ROI of your campaigns.

Is there a limit on how many campaigns I can run?

Absolutely not, the more campaigns the better! Our fees are flat rate and all inclusive

What metrics does the reporting dashboard have?

It’ll provide you with every metric we see within the account and metrics + KPIs that showcase the performance and value of your campaigns.

How quickly can you onboard a new client?

It depends on how quickly you can sign the contract and send over the on-boarding information. We can definitely expedite your account set up!

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