Multi-Channel Retargeting Strategies That Drive Real Business Growth

Recapture Qualified Leads To Increase Your Sales

Bring Qualified Visitors Back

Given the abundance of instant-offerings that users have at their fingertips, online shoppers are becoming extremely cautious with how they shop online for either services or products. It is estimated that 65% of users do not convert into a sale on their first website visit, this means that it is crucial for your business or brand to stay in frame of mind during a user’s online shopping experience.

Our retargeting campaign strategies are uniquely built and tailored to your business and the demographic that it services. We utilize your website analytics platform for a deep dive understanding of how consumers are finding your website, what the typical page journey looks like on a session and where users are falling out of our sales funnel. We’ve assisted countless businesses with re-engaging with qualified traffic and ultimately converting them to a sale.

Retargeting Ad Optimization

Once we have a full understanding of who your web visitors are and their unique online behavioral patterns, we can then craft messaging and ads that will appeal to the target audience. Finding the right message is one of the key pillars for ANY retargeting strategy, as it will influence their decision to return to your website and convert into a paying customer for your business or brand.

Competitor Strategy

The competition is never resting and neither will we. We’ll utilize our proprietary tools to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing with their retargeting strategy. We take things a step further and will even go down their funnels to fully understand their retargeting tactics and strategy. Having a transparent understanding of what the competition is doing is key in building a strategy that ensures your brand will stay ahead.

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