Our SEO Blueprint For Success

Search engine optimization is arguably the most fast paced industry, with search engines like Google who are often updating and changing their website ranking algorithm. With thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of factors that come into play, many smaller companies and even bigger brands find it near impossible to manage SEO campaigns in-house! We pride ourselves in being able to deliver search engine optimization campaigns that have driven real business growth and results for all of our clients.
Our SEO experts are constantly testing, optimizing and learning of new methods, strategies and techniques to hold our position as one of the few thought-leaders and innovators in this space. We’re able to make meaningful impacts for all of clients through our transparent and effective search engine optimization process.

Phase 1

Strategic Development

In this phase, we’ll learn about your business, how it operates, who the ideal clients or customers are and the goals that you wish your accomplish with our search engine optimization efforts. Our onboarding process is quick, easy and very seamless yet has a profunding impact for the growth of your business.

Your existing website is a goldmine of data that provides valuable insights into how visible you currently are and what is working. It also exposes issues and problems with current search engine optimization efforts. We’ll utilize, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush and other industry leading tools to audit your current website.

Tools like Ahrefs and Spyfu are utilized to better understand what your competitors are doing and what related companies in your direct or related industries are also doing. This allows us to see what strategies are working — the competition has already invested the resources, why not capitalize on this?

Once we have fully understood your business and goals, took a look at your current website set up and have a full understanding of the competitive landscape — this is when we’ll formulate a strategy for your search engine optimization efforts. We’ll provide you with a detailed plan of attack, our process to complete every action item and a timeline for expected completion. Our process is FULLY transparent, what you see is what you get — no hidden bullsh*t or secrecy here.

One of the very first things we do is look at the technical structure and format of your website to see if its built to Google’s webmaster guidelines. We have an extensive audit checklist that we look at to ensure that your website is following Google best practices. Once issues have been identified, we’ll strategize and execute how to fix everything!

Keywords are the very foundation for any SEO campaign – after all this how search engines work! We have an arsenal of tools that we utilize to identify how your potential customers search. On top of understanding how your customers search, we’ll take a peek at your competitors to see if they’re going after anything we didn’t find.

Once we’ve identified all of the technical issues that are present and valuable keywords to your business, we’ll start to optimize your website. This means going on the backend and fixing issues that Google crawl bots look at on top of all of the front facing pages and elements that your customers will see.

Phase 2

Refining for Succes

Phase 3

Building for Growth

To assist Google with understanding businesses and websites, they take a look at 3rd party sources to see what industry your business belongs to. For example, for law firms, they’ll look at reputable 3rd party sites like Justia, Avvo, etc.. to see if said law firm is present. To ensure that your website is relevant, we’ll analyze and assess which website’s you need link placements on. We’ll work on your behalf to get your business placed.

We’ll utilize our learnings from the keyword research phase to not only find content ideas but also execute upon them. We’ll look at the full picture when building out the content strategy for your business, from the very top of funnel with how users research to the bottom of funnel when users are ready to purchase or engage.

Everytime we finish building out a content piece on your behalf, we’ll promote them to websites that not only have a high volume of traffic but to websites that are directly or related to your business industry. On top of website promotions, we’ll reach out to influencers in your industry to also promote the content pieces we’ve created. We will research, identify and execute on websites and influences that would add value to your business.

What Our
Clients Say

We were slated to do $15m, we did just under $60m. With 40% of our sales having a digital touch point from Red Rocks efforts.

80% of first time clients come from Red Rocks paid search efforts...its been huge for us and extremely successful.


Impactful Results, Real Growth