Grow Your Business With YouTube Ads

Our YouTube Ads team are rockstars at building brand-awareness, attracting leads and generating sales.

What Our Clients Say

“We were slated to do $15m, we did just under $60m. With 40% of our sales having a digital touch point from Red Rocks efforts.”

“80% of first time clients come from Red Rocks paid search efforts…its been huge for us and extremely successful.”

“Just in the three years we’ve been with Red Rock … we’ve generated 42% more leads at 15% lower acquisition costs.”

“Since working with Red Rock, the clients that we’ve retained from the digital marketing ad spend have doubled.”

Our Proven YouTube Ad Process

With millions in ad spend, we’ve built a proven YouTube ad process that delivers impactful results.

Full Funnel Engagement

Our team takes a deep dive into your current marketing funnel to better understand which channels are driving engagement, where potential customers are dropping off, if there is opportunity to engage with previous customers to drive incremental revenue and how YouTube Ads can fit into all of this!

Comprehensive Audience Research

Audience targeting is one of the core foundations of any successful YouTube Ad campaign. To ensure that we are maximizing the impact of YouTube Ads, we’ll research all the keywords, topics and channel placements that can reach your target audience.

Continual Optimization

Unlike other agencies who set and forget it, we continually check up on your campaigns, dive into the data to see where we can optimize for the best results. We work alongside all our clients to ensure that they’re seeing actual results from our YouTube ad efforts.

YouTube Ad Formats

YouTube offers an array of ad formats. Our YouTube Ad experts will provide guidance on which formats to leverage for your specific goals.

Skippable Video Ads

Skippable video ads are the most common YouTube ad format, allowing users to skip your ads after 5 seconds. Skippable video ads are available for use across multiple device types such as desktop, mobile and TV. This video ad type is great for reaching new users, building brand awareness / consideration and increasing conversions.

Non-Skippable Video Ads

Non-skippable video ads or “forced view” ads are up to 30 seconds in length (depending on device type) and require the user to watch the entire ad before they can view their desired content. Forced view ads are great for building brand awareness and increasing conversions.

Bumper Ads

In 6 seconds or less, unskippable bumper ads serve as an excellent complement to longer-form YouTube content. These versatile ads can be strategically employed to either tease, echo, or amplify your campaign message, aligning seamlessly with your overall strategy.

Masthead Ads

This ad type allows brands to advertise directly on YouTube’s homepage. This is great for brands who want to establish credibility and trust with net new users. Ads will automatically play at the top of the user’s screen. This format works best on desktop.

In-Feed Video Ads

In-feed YouTube video ads appear in YouTube search results, in the watch next area and also in the YouTube app home screen feed. This ad format is great for engaging with users who are actively searching for a specific product, service or search term.

Example YouTube Ad Strategies

We’ve launched thousands of YouTube campaigns and can develop strategies for any goal.

Competitor Conquesting

Looking to conquest your competitors’ customers? If your competitor’s YouTube channel has a large enough subscriber base, we can add their channel as a placement and run ads on their videos.


Another conquesting strategy that can be deployed are custom intent audiences with keywords around your competitors brand. This would allow us to show your brands ads to users on YouTube who have searched for your competitor on Google search.

Channel / Video Placement

We have proprietary tools that can scrape for YouTube channels and videos that pertain to specific topics, lifestyle and content categories. This will allow us to place your video ads on channels or videos where people are researching about a specific service or product.


For example, if you sell annuities, we can place your video ads on channels that are based around personal finance, retirement planning and investing. Additionally, we can place your video ads on specific videos that talk about annuities. This will allow your brand to reach an in-market audience who is interested in your product.


We can retarget users (from any traffic source) with specific messaging and content depending on where they are within your marketing funnel. Our team can work with you on positioning and messaging for each funnel area to ensure that users are pushed further down the funnel and ultimately convert!