Grow & Scale Your Agency With Our White-Label Partnership

The stress free way to accelerate your agency’s growth and increase profitability.

Red Rock Digital Solutions provides an all inclusive partnership / white label service to individuals or organizations that are looking to provide their current clients with expanded digital marketing services.


The partnership program is perfect for those who currently lack the overhead, resources and digital marketing knowledge to fulfill their clients’ needs. Red Rock Digital Solutions can be a great value add to not only your clients but also your business, as we’re an extension of your team!


The success of our partners is a top priority, which is why we will support you through the entire sales funnel from putting together creative sales materials to being on calls to assist in closing clients.

Who Do We Work With?

Our partnership and white label services are great for the following:


  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Established Freelancers (Creative, Web
  • Development, Content, etc..)
  • Non-Digital Marketing Agencies (Print, Creative, Branding, etc..)
  • Web Development & Design Firms
  • PR Agencies
  • Print Companies


Even if your organization type isn’t listed above, feel free to reach out to see if there are partnership opportunities between Red Rock Digital Solutions and you!

Partnership Program Options

We’ve designed many options and offerings to our partnership program to ensure that there is a solution that will work for both of us!


This is the simplest and easiest partnership option we have available! You refer to us business and get compensated for every referral that turns into a client for us! Compensation is a one-time payment and is based on a percentage of the client retainer.

Partner Agency

For this option, you’ll introduce us to your clients as a partnership agency. With this option, we would work side-by-side with you and your client. Our goal here is to ensure that we can align our service offerings to the needs of your client.

White Label Services

This is our most utilized option, in which the Red Rock Digital Solutions team would work UNDER your brand and organization. We’re typically set up under an organization email, so all of our communications, performance updates etc.. will appear as it is coming from your company. We can also be present for any in-person meetings with your clients!​

Partnership Benefits

Partnering with us will be one of the best value-adds for your agency!

Your Agency’s Growth

We provide world-class paid media management so that all you need to worry about is bringing on more clients for your agency. We work as an addition to your business and provide fast and prompt turnaround for all requests.

Your Client’s Growth

We are results driven, we’ll use everything in our means to ensure your clients are receiving the best possible results. With diverse experience across 15+ different industries, we know what works!

Support & Strategies

You get full access to all of our paid media specialists and strategists. We’ll provide you with support throughout the paid media management + optimization process and will continually provide you with new strategies to implement for better results!

Stress Free

Our white-label program is simple and easy and will not disrupt your agency’s or your clients operational workflows. We work as an addition to your team and can onboard to your existing infrastructure; Slack channel, project management system etc..

What Our Clients Say

“We were slated to do $15m, we did just under $60m. With 40% of our sales having a digital touch point from Red Rocks efforts.”

“80% of first time clients come from Red Rocks paid search efforts…its been huge for us and extremely successful.”

“Just in the three years we’ve been with Red Rock … we’ve generated 42% more leads at 15% lower acquisition costs.”

“Since working with Red Rock, the clients that we’ve retained from the digital marketing ad spend have doubled.”

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